Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Recall

Recalls are getting out of control. I'm overwhelmed, especially since becoming a mom. I'm a few short steps away from stripping J down, dressing him in a leaf grown on an organic farm and giving him a stick (which has been freed from leaves and loose bark) to play with. From train sets to Boppy covers, what's next? What's safe? I hesitate to give J any toys because nearly every day there is another item that is found to have excess lead. I already sent one of his toys back to the manufacturer. Thankfully, I have the Pea Pod Bobby cover, which I don't think is impacted--but who knows???

I'm from an era that played outside ALL THE TIME, at least until the street lights came on or until our little noses were stuffed with frozen boogers. We played on playground equipment that surely was painted with potentially hazardous materials. Underneath the death trap were rocks, not mulch. We ate dirt. We drank from the drinking fountain at school and from the HOSE at home! We ate sugar. Lots of sugar. We ate those gooey, non-organic, sugar-laden Hostess pies. We went to McDonalds (though it wasn't ALL THE TIME) and had fries (not apple wedges). Some moms smoked and drank while pregnant while other moms smoked like chimneys in their minivans, windows rolled up, kids in the back seat. We made this incredibly "sturdy" forts out of old cardboard boxes, chairs, and blankets. One time I made a two-level one with a balcony (my mom's dining room set never recovered). We sat in the front seat of the car (and sometimes without a seat belt!). I sometimes wonder how it is even possible that I am still alive . . .

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Nory Roth said...

ME TOO! ME TOO!! ME TOO!!! I wonder when we decided that we have to surround our children with a gauze cocoon in order to get them safely to adulthood? Granted, it's not the same world I grew up in -- but it's not a fearsome as some might want me to believe.

I have been reading all of your back posts, and love your writing style. Thanks for the post on my blog. Will check in from time to time!

Hang in there with the little one -- he's very cute! I remember my time with my own two as being very isolating too! They grow all too fast, and are now 8 and 11. The older they get, the more contact you will get with other adults.

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