Friday, December 7, 2007

My little outing

Today I had a night out on the town . . . really sad, but my "night out" was by myself, running errands. I went to two libraries, Office Depot, and a craft store. Wow. My husband, T, came in the house in a whirlwind and ordered me to go out. I hadn't called any friends and wasn't in the most chipper mood after spending four straight days with J (nearly 4-month old baby). He's great, but I think he's bored with me. I felt boring today. Not bored, mind you, BORING.

When I came home T had made dinner (from scratch), done four loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and kept J entertained without any problem--he did it all in about three hours. Me, I was lucky enough to brush my teeth and change J's diaper a couple times. I had eight hours.

* * *
I watched Grey's Anatomy tonight--didn't have to DVR it--which is my FAVORITE thing in the world to do now that I have one. Anyway, it was a decent episode, but the dancing annoyed me. The chemistry between McDreamy and the nurse was interesting. I liked it. I want Izzy and George to be done. I think it'll happen.

* * *
Finished a decent book (It took me two weeks, but I did it--I had to finish the last chapter at the library). I am into books that are an evolved form of "chick lit"--they are more like "mom-lit." Some are good and some are so, so bad. Laura Zigman is a fun author. She sometimes seems too smart for her content, if that makes sense. Her latest, Piece of Work, was OK, but I found myself speeding to get to the end. Dating Big Bird and Animal Husbandry were great reads--easy and fun.

Being an English teacher I've had my fill of the classics and often read them over and over anyway, so I don't feel guilty indulging in some "fluff." It's fun! For fluff, Candace Bushnell is pretty good, though I really didn't like Trading Up at all. The writing was weak and the main character had no redeeming qualities. I guess that was the point, but I wasn't into it. I have several other authors I could discuss, but I'll save that for a future post.

* * *
I wish I had more time, yet less time. I feel that when I have a lot of time I waste it. When I have to little time, I use it wisely, but never have enough. It is a strange and frustrating paradox.

* * *
I think I might post pictures of my house--decorations for Christmas specifically. We have an obnoxious tree and lights and greenery hanging along the staircase. No one will probably see it (save the chimney cleaner and cable guy) since our families live in another state. I remember seeing how a bunch of people tagged others to do something like this--I think it was just to show general house pictures. I wonder you do that . . .

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