Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grinch or Republican Debates?

Wow. Tough call. I went with the Grinch. Then I went to the debates. Switched back to the Grinch and then back to the debates. I decided to DVR The Grinch and watch the debates. Although I love The Grinch, I was captivated by the debates. They made me laugh . . . and cry . . .

I'm so overwhelmed with politics and cam-PAIN-ing. Democratic, Republican . . . it doesn't seem to matter. It is like one big job interview where you tell the interviewer everything he/she wants to hear so that you can land the job with the cushy office, fabulous benefits, and incredible income. We just have so much to sift through. Maybe we need a How to Pick the Best Person for the Presidency for Dummies. Right now, though my hopes are that the smoke with clear fast, I dread the voting booth.

As a flaming moderate . . . my head hurts.

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