Monday, December 10, 2007

To Do Lists

I made a To Do list for myself over the weekend. I love To Do lists. You get to put down everything you want to do and then you get to mark them off the list as you finish them. For a somewhat Type A, perfectionist sort of person, this appeals to me. What does not appeal to me is how often stuff stays on the list.

My list right now focuses on this blog. I really want to stick with it. I think it is an excellent way to focus on writing (what I had hoped to do when I became an English teacher--no go there--no time!), and documenting being a new mom (I LOVE the fact that there are so many out there). I am also hoping to revisit my passion for art by taking it to the technical level (design, illustration). I'd like to design a header for my blog--you know, snazz it up a little.

Since I decided to take a year off from teaching, I feel all those ambitions and creative juices flowing again. No more late nights grading essays, planning lessons, creating activities, talking to parents, organizing files, writing reports. Part of me feels lost. Part of me feels overwhelmed by the prospects (like looking at a 10-page menu and having no idea what to order).

* * *

I'm embarrassed to say that I DVRd (not a verb, I know, but it works) a bunch of cheesy Christmas movies that were on Lifetime, Hallmark, and The Family Channel. I watched one today. Wow. Someone actually wrote this stuff!!! This one was about a boy who wishes for his mom to have a husband. It was with Gail O'Grady. I have about 10 more to watch. My husband was scrolling through the recordings and couldn't stop laughing. I'm a mush . . .

* * *

We spent the entire weekend with the TV off. Not kidding. (I know, after the previous item about my DVRing habit, you might be shocked). We read. We played with J. We made dinner (my husband did-broccoli soup--not so good). We went to the store. We cleaned the house. It is amazing how much you can get done!

* * *

I took way too many pictures this month. But since they are all of J, save one of a t-shirt he spit up on--my shirt, it looked like a profile of Santa, I guess it is OK.


hepsmom said...

Thanks for your comment! To do lists, wow. I'm not a lister, so I often find my ADD self wondering, "What EXACTLY was it I was supposed to be doing?"

I live with my sister and her two-year-old, so I totally feel you on the baby thing! I joke that I'm gonna write a book about how abused dads of new mothers are.

I just heard the awesome sentence, "Yes, mommy will brush your tongue in just a minute."

hepsmom said...

Wait, I didn't phrase that correctly. I meant how abused new dads are by new moms (though new moms really don't mean the abuse).

LaskiGal said...

You have a good point! I sometimes feel like such a shrew and I'm so lucky. I just SAID, "Did you poo poo my little Poo Poo?" What has happened to me?

Lindsey said...

I LOVE lists too!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and for stopping by my sight. You are so lucky your husband cooks for you!

Allie Boniface said...

Well, I can't give you time management suggestions as a new mother, but as an English teacher and writer? Develop the discipline to sit down and write every day. (You already have discipline - you're a teacher) Formulate a plan, with goals and a timeline - where do you want to be in 6 months? A year from now? And explore the cyber-world for support and possibilities. There are many places to learn about the craft as well as dip your toes in the publishing world, if that's an ultimate goal.

Good luck!

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