Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Growing OLDer & A Giveaway!

I just had a birthday. Many of you figured that one out from my last post. I've been MIA due to weeping over yet another year lost. I'm sad. Depressed. I have gray hairs. New wrinkles. Fat that refuses to LEAVE. A metabolism that is so slow it is running backward. A memory that . . . what was I just saying? Birthdays just . . . s.t.i.n.k.

JUST KIDDING! Actually, I did have a birthday, and I feel sorta old, but isn't that the point with each birthday? You grow OLDer? Whatever . . . can't control it. It happens to everyone. So, I'm over it. I've been MIA but that was due to THE SUNSHINE and 70 DEGREE weather we are having. We took J out to the park and it was crazy busy. It was as if everyone and their dead uncle was out enjoying the weather--gripping the beautiful sunshiny day as if at any second a rouge snowstorm might hit.

My birthday was actually pretty good. It is strange. Now that we have J I don't think so much about my birthday. We did a little window shopping--stuff we WISHED we could buy. Grabbed some cheap pizza. Rented
Bee Movie. Oh, and we bought a video camera! (I know, what self-respecting person who calls herself a mother wouldn't own a video camera!?!? Well, the video feature on my three year-old camera seemed to do the trick!).

So, that brings me to the MAIN purpose of this post. I am hosting
my very own

* * * GIVEAWAY! * * *

Yup! My very first one! Why? Let me explain . . . Not only is it my birthday this month, but both my sisters also celebrate their birthdays in April (yes, one just happens to be RJTrue--on the 24th!). This means that I am shopping for them. When I shop, I notice bargains EVERYWHERE. I can't help it. I start buying stuff. I had already had in my mind that I wanted to host a giveaway, I just didn't know when or for what purpose.

So, that explains the STUFF. But, why a giveaway? It has to do with my Thursday Thirteen post, A Lazy Chick's Diet. Between that post and subsequent responses and the obvious concern over, dare I say it, bathing suit season, it is apparent to me that many of us are just a wee bit concerned with getting into some sort of shape (other than ROUND). That being said . . . HERE ARE THE RULES.

1. Comment on this post. In your comment, give ONE "get healthy" tip that worked for you, whether it be specific foods you ate or a fitness routine you followed. Be SPECIFIC. Give us details and tell us the results. If you don't have anything that worked (YET), tell us what you plan to do to get healthy--again, be specific.

2. Although there may be duplicate responses, each person's experience will be different--I want to hear about YOUR experience and/or plan. Be as detailed and specific as possible.

3. On FRIDAY I will randomly draw TWO, yeah, you heard it--TWO names from all commenters. Those two people will be our winners! (Note to lurkers--now is the time to show yourself!)

My goal is for us all to SHARE our fitness/dieting/get healthy tips. I know there are a plethora of dieting books, web sites, and "pros" telling us what to do, but I want to hear from REAL people who have done it, are doing it, or will do it! Plus, the more ideas in our "get healthy" arsenal, the better chance we have to actually get healthy.

Let's talk about the prizes, shall we? Below you will see a photos of the prizes. Here's how the prize giveaway will work. I will randomly draw two names. The first person's name I draw will get to choose SIX of the TWELVE items. The remaining items will go to the second place winner. Oh, and there will be some added goodies in addition to the pictured prizes!!! Gotta leave some stuff a secret! (click picture to enlarge)

Well, that's it! Can't wait to hear your ideas! Oh, and due to my b-day and this awesome weather, I haven't gotten a chance to drop by and visit all my blogging buddies. Forgive me . . . I'll be around soon!

GIVEAWAY ENTRY NOW CLOSED! Thanks for entering!


Anonymous said...

First, happy birthday. My husband celebrated his last Friday. I'm fine with getting older, but the gray hair hasn't started yet and I'm still in denial about aging (talk to me again in December!).

Gosh, fitness & health tips. I'm full of them, but not doing many at the moment. My best fitness tip - find something you enjoy, and do it as often as you can. Personally, I detest going to the gym and working out on my own, but I love fitness classes and have a ton of DVDs at home.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Happy birthday!!!

One thing that worked for me was to stop eating anything that came out of a box or a container. And cutting out sugar as much as possible. Once I started reading the sugar content in the food I was eating (hello bread, milk, yogurt, cereal) I was astounded to find it in almost everything. Making everything fresh is a pain but worth it if you're trying to lose a few pounds.

I still eat that stuff occasionally because I loves me some cereal. But in moderation.

tulipmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

For some the low-carb thing was a fad. But for me it's become a way of life. I can't do bread, sugar, etc. in moderation, and my body can't metabolize them the way most peoples' bodies can. In fact I would go so far as to say that I (and others too, I'm sure) had an addiction to sugar. So for me the best thing to do was to eliminate these items from my diet. I eat tons more produce than I did when I was doing Atkins strictly by-the-book, and I also consume more lean meats. This truly is a healthier way for me to live, and I no longer see it as a diet.

P.S. It also helped me avoid the gestational diabetes I had with my first pregnancy.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Happy Birthday!

My best "get healthy" tip is to eat throughout the day. When only eat once or twice, my metabolism slows down and the weight does not come off, even if I'm not eating much or making the healthiest choice possible. When I eat throughout the day, my metabolism gets a major boost, and the weight comes off more quickly!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to you and RJTRUE. I, too, am an Aries. My (30th) bday is the 18th of this month.

Tip: Drink lots of water, I mean lots and lots of water. Every. Day.

Also it is important to drink cold water b/c your body has to "work" to warm it up and metabolize it. I like to drink between 100 oz and 120 oz of water when I am in the "losing" weight phase. If I am maintaining I like to drink at least 80 oz. I feel better too!

Misty said...

I am an Aries, too.... Wooooooot.

So.... I try to make the more healthy choice. Eating for me is definitely tied to my emotions..... I eat at night if I've done good with the kids that day... or bad..... I'm working on ending that habit. I'm trying to exercise more, and trying to stop losing and gaining the same 10 pounds..... I'm keeping at it until I get it right. In the long run, that's what I need.

Sass said...

Happy birthday!

I think it's great you've asked for fitness and health tips - not weight loss, inch loss or how to look ten years younger.

My tip is to focus on what you buy.

Plan your menus at the start of the week, agreeing with other adults in the house about portion sizes, balanced meals, increasing fruit and veg, eliminating unhealthy snacks. Try not to buy the stuff you binge on - so don't buy biscuits, sweets, candy etc.

Enjoy shopping - try and buy from local shops and farmers markets. If you can walk to local shops - buy food each day, you'll exercise more, get to know local people and support your local businesses.

Find a good butchers. Supermarket meat isn't that tasty (in the UK Tesco chickens don't taste of anything). If you are going to eat smaller portions, think about buying tastier ingredients so that you enjoy it more.

It's really hard to go without the sweet stuff. So have a go baking an apple pie or a cake. After putting the effort into making it, you'll hopefully be more inclined to make it last two or three days. With a bit of practice, baking a pie can be a really quick thing to do. If weight loss is the plan - just put pastry on the top of the apple, but not underneath.

Rachel Holloway said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We've been having the same great weather (loving Ohio right now, huh?!?!)

And FYI--I just so happen to be a mother who shouldn't call herself a mother because I not only have one child, but THREE children and NO video camera. Depressing...

As for a health tip, mine will sound lame but it's what I can offer right now.

100 Calorie snacks...they are wonderful. Let's face it, I like a good snack at times and the whole deprivation doesn't work for me. I only buy the 100 calorie snacks--not just for me, but my kids too. That way we can all have a low calorie snack together. I really thought, in the beginning, that I could just proportion out 100 calories worth of goods from the regular packages of things. But I learned that I was wrong. The 100 calorie snacks are smaller in their actual size, but because of that it FEELS like you get SO much in there. I could eat 15 small cookies and feel MORE than satisfied vs. 2 big ones where I would want to go back for another 10--even though they both have the same calories! :)

This has helped us TONS! There are so many options for this too--lots of companies are jumping on board and there are a great assortment of sweet/salty goods!

Family Adventure said...

I'm glad the weather's been so great for you. We are still stuck in the snow, but soon I hope...

My fitness tip...ha! Shouldn't really be offering any up, seeing as I've been so bad this year in Norway, but here goes:

I drink lots of water. I drink at least 3-4 liters every day. Not only is it good for you, it also fills you up so you eat less.

I try not to eat after 7 pm, and I try not to just sit on couch then, too. Out for walks if the weather permits, or even doing/folding laundry, dishes, whatever else. Just to keep moving a bit before bedtime.

Finally, lots of sleep. I find I am hungry more if I don't sleep, when I sleep, I eat less.


Kristi said...

Sugar free jello...specifically the orange flavor. 10 calories and it takes care of my sweet tooth at night when I usually want to snack the most. I have lost 11 pounds do far but I've still got 20 to go.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday... even if it is a bit late.

my tip: everything in moderation. if you deprive yourself of something then you will want it all the more. It's a matter of limiting what you eat and when you eat it. the later in the day it is the less starches you should be eating.

my other thing is move and groove... you don't have to take a class or join a gym to get moving... take a walk, get down and do sit ups, run in the backyard with your little one... just move!

Kat said...

Happy Birthday!!!! So glad you had a lovely birthday, warm weather and all. Birthdays actually don't bother me at all. I figure it is better than the alternative (not making it to the next bday). ;)

Now that the weather has been getting nicer I have started running. I am loving running outside again. I run every other day for 3-5 miles. That combined with drinking more water and not eating after 7 at night is all it takes. I do not limit what I eat. I don't take away snacks. I just don't eat a ton. I think that when you start "forbidding" yourself from certain foods that is too close to a diet, and it will fail. With summer coming up fresh fruit becomes my favorite snacks. That helps too. :)
The last time I followed this "way of life" (running, water, no night time eating) I was smaller than my prepregnancy weight. As small as I was in high school. Yippeee!
Fun giveaway! And great idea for healthy tips. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I dye my gray and pretend it is not there!! LOL

And my wrinkles.. what wrinkles?? LOL You can see my mind is going too.. :)

My tip would be to drink water. Nothing but water.. coffee of course if you are a coffee drinker because I would prob fall over without coffee.. But drinking water all day long really helps flush out your system and helps with making you feel full. and is GREAT for your skin too!!

Rachel Holloway said...

p.s. not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but the picture doesn't come up for me...

Frances said...

Happy Birthday!!!

One of the things I have done is stop drinking sodas and drinking only water/tea/crystal light.. we have also switched from eating white breads/pastas and gone to wheat. I have also made sure to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday to you and your sisters!

Fitness tip: Exercise everyday. Every day! You hear me everyone... EVERY DAY!

I tell myself.. If I have time to sit and watch television for 30 minutes.. I really have the time then to walk/run on the dreadmill.. err.. treadmill for 30 minutes. Your body must MOVE!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Happy birthday! How nice that you're giving out gifts for your birthday. Much nicer than I am.

I stopped buying granola bars and other snackies. My husband snacks on fruit (seriously) so I was the only one eating them. When I get hungry, I have to either eat Cheerios with Little Elvis or eat fruit or veggies.
Since the weather is finally starting to get nicer, we're also going on walks to a park in our neighborhood pretty much daily. Little Elvis loves the slide and I feel like I've done something kind of healthy.

Julie Pippert said...

Happy belated birthday and glad you've gotten great weather to go with it!

Unknown said...

My tip would be not to deprive yourself of your favorite snack.

If it is chocolate you love, go out and purchase the fanciest, most expensive cookies or chocolate with the finest ingredients and when you get the hankering, put one on your favorite dish and nibble it, savor it. Just the one. It will keep you from sitting on the sofa in front of the tv with the entire box and scarfing them down :)

Also, Weight Watchers. I've started WW online and love it. I lost my extra 20 baby lbs in 2005/6 on WW. Totally worth the monthly fee, in my opinion :)

huddtoo said...
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huddtoo said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Giveaways are so fun. I should ponder doing one. It IS a great way to bring out lurkers! ;)

So, I was in Target one day in the books section. I see this book "Skinny Bitch". I read some it standing there, I was laughing out loud. I thought, wow, a *funny* diet book I should buy it. And I almost did. While it seemed like a good book, I didn't want it to be in am impulse buy for no reason (well, I have a reason, a good reason). So, I read a little more. My poor kids, watching video clips of TV shows on some TV right there while I read a book. Just buy it, read it later, not in the store. But, I didn't. I read some more. When I saw something similar to "dairy is the devil"..I decided not to get it. Ack, I like dairy. And I'd rather be slightly overweight than hunched over from no calcium and having osteoporosis.

So, after all my rambling, I'm come to a conclusion that moderation is key. I can have sugar, I can have dairy, I can even have fats. BUT, I do need to watch what I eat, balance it all out. Exercise more, eat better, but if I feel like an ice cream cone, eat it. It's better to have a little cone of the dairy devil than to have a huge carton of it later out of desperation of not having it at all. I hit the gym several days a week. I eat fruits and veggies, I try to not eat to many crappy carbs. I eat lean meats and fish. I feel I'm only do so-so on the losing weight, but I do feel better about eating better and exercising, and I can tell I feel better overall.

Sorry so long! :) You didn't give a length requirement. hehe

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

Hey! I loved you diet tricks post or anti-diet maybe is a better word. I have never been a dieter and not really ever been more than 10-15 lbs overweight.

BUT that 15 lbs post second baby took a lot for me to get off and then after only a year I put 7 lbs back on. GRRRR.

When my hubby and I were thinking of going on a hot vacation this past winter I promised him I would wear a bikini if we went. I am mature like that! I totally bribed him.

But you know what it did? It forced me to get serious. I have been working out religiously for that last 2 years but my eating, well, let's just say I was compensating for the working out with the eating. With a bikini on the horizon I got serious. Cut my portions WAY down to more reasonable sizes, limited myself to one sweet a day and added a heap of veggies to my supper meal.

It worked. I lost the 7 lbs and I wore the bikini. I still didn't like my body in it but who does? The beach we were on was empty anyway :-)

Now I have been working with a trainer and the woman? She has done magic. I highly recommend it. It's not very expensive to have a couple of sessions and get set up on a workout routine.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a good one:-)

Wineplz said...

Happy Birthday!

Angela DeRossett said...

Stay active...that is one of the best tips I can give anyone. Take the kiddo to the park...walk to mall... just be active.

Anonymous said...

First, I don't blame u for being out in the sunshine. If that damn thing would ever come out here I would be outside with my son too! Oh well...
My "fitness" tip...if u call it one. I drink lots of water. It keeps u full. And I get lemon and limes to put in the water so it is not so boring to drink. Plus u get a little Vit C too!!

just jamie said...

Aw, happy birthday Laskigal.

Funny you should mention this one today. I had a hamburger this weekend. You know the kind, with ALL the fixins', a shake, AND fries. Gawd, it was good, for about 10 minutes. Then, I truly felt horrible for the rest of the day.

Being that it was such a good one (temporarily), I have decided to try and make it my last. No more red meat.

It's a small step but for reasons of animal humanity and how I feel post-consumption, I'm giving it a try.

There I said it. Now I better stick to it.

Texasholly said...

Happy birthday! You scared me there for a minute at the beginning. I too, have been MIA due to fabulous weather which is a good tip in itself.

But my life changing, body enhancing, stress decreasing, sanity saver is yoga. I go three times at week at 5:30 in the morning for 75 minute class. It is in a warm room and she doesn't take my crap. I hate and love that woman for what she does. I walk in there feeling tired, sore and grumpy and leave there energized, sore and a little mad, but not grumpy! My body has changed so much it is incredible. I am stronger, look much better and way more relaxed about life. If I miss yoga, my whole family pays for it in grumpiness and generally horrid mood. I don't know why it works so well, but it does and I am now a yoga missionary to the world...

RJTrue said...

There's this plan I use ... it's called "Rebecca's Rebellion"

It's pretty much the most amazing thing ever!!

Love you sis!

Marmarbug said...

Happy Birthday! MY birthay is the same as your sisters (the 24th) it's a fabulous day!

Okay my diet tips. I also drink water. Cold water. Lots of it! No soda, not even diet.
I also started on those Fiber one bars. They are soooo good! I eat one for breakfast and I am good till lunch. ( I recommend the chocolate one)
Also if you are die hard wanting to lose weight, go low carb. I did after Bean and lost most of my weight. It sucked at first but it was SO worth it!
Good luck! And I hope I win! LOL

MarĂ­a said...

I have no health tips - I'm as fat and high sugar blooded as ever!

But Happy Birthday!

Aunt Becky said...

Happy Birthday, you sexxy thang!

I know a lot of diet-y tricks.

Drink boatloads of water to stave off hunger. You'll pee so much that you'll wish you had a diaper on, but it's better than eating a lot.

Eat breakfast and try to eat many small meals each day rather than three big ones.

Actually EAT your 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies each day.

I'll let you know if I can think of more.

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday! By now you have to know I am a runner. What I need to do is concentrate more on nutrition. It's just hard for me...
I would say as a tip, go for a walk. If you can just do a 30 min. walk a day, you would be shocked what a difference it makes!

Our Crooked Tree said...

Happy Birthday to the family!
Lots of coffee and lots of sex; coffee gives you energy to have sex to burn calories!

OK really. Cut out sugar and caffeine. Eat on salad plates rather than dinner plates.

www.myfooddiray.com holds you accountable for the food you eat and my hubs lost 16 lbs doing all the above in about 2 months. I have homrones so I am not so lucky.

WordVixen said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on the nice weather!

I have two tips.

1. If you haven't been exercising regularly, try to implement an exercise routine as soon as you've unpacked from a vacation.

That's what I did when hubby and I got back from Walt Disney World. I'd been walking a lot there, so I was used to exercising by then. Plus, my daily routine was completely broken by having been on vacation. Rather than start up the old one again, I implemented a new one.

2. I'm addicted to frozen pizzas. Rather than give them up (and their 1700 calories per pizza- no exaggeration), I've switched over to Kashi pizzas. (900 calories for the whole pizza, all natural, whole grain, and totally gourmet style yummy)

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Laskigal! Hope your day was fabulous!

So in January, I turned around in the mirror and about died. No way my a** had got that big from my Christmas treats. But, evidently it did. So, I decided to make a change.

I have always been active. Clean constantly, walk, go to the park, play outside with the kiddos, etc. But then I decided I needed to actually be doing exercise. So I bought the "biggest loser" video tapes. I have power sculpt and cardio max. And they kick my butt.

I love them because, first of all, the exercises must work. If people can lose over a hundred pounds, certainly I can lose 5. (5pounds more and I am at my target goal!) Plus, they have the contestants do the workout videos. So I am not working out to a girl who is 4'8 and 95 pounds, it is actual people who need to lose even more weight then me.

My muscles have gotten tighter. My pants fit way better, and they have special portions of the video tapes made especially for women and our target areas.

I do my little routine 4 times a week when the kiddos are napping, and am starting to feel like the hot Mama on the block. Totally works, I say give it a try!

Great idea for the give-away. And love the totally English teacher instructions!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday!

Yeah- I love giveaways! So I recently lost 22 pounds and what I did was to make sure I ate breakfast everyday. I also drank more water and less soda. I ate smaller portions, but ate more often. That way I didn't overeat at one time and wasn't grazing and devouring food all day long. I tried to pick healthier foods to snack on. I didn't really cut anything specific out. I just watched my portion size or I asked myself if I REALLY wanted it or would I rather have something else to use my calories on (I didn't count calories, just asked myself this to keep me on track). If I only kind of liked that treat, then I waited and 'saved' it for something I really wanted.

This summer my goal is get into a better exercise routine because I am thinking that one 20 minute session a month just isn't enough ;)

krissy said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!!

I have been losing weight. Not enough to jump into a 2 piece or 1 piece. Heck, a 3 piece would still be iffy! But I just stopped eating after 6pm. Nothing after! I eat breakfast, small lunch and decent supper. It's working so far, although I am impatient and want to be thin now!!!! It isn't the fastest way to shed the fat cells!!!

Thank you so much for your supporting comment on my post! I am so proud of my bloggers! I am posting a link tomorrow of where you can donate. I cannot thank you enough for your concern and generosity!!!!

Lori said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

And, I am too lazy to even play the giveaway! ha! I am still trying to get motivated - got any tricks for that?

Mom said...

Happy birthday!!!!

I have found that being religious about working out for at least 30 min 3 to 4 times a week as well as watching what you eat, and I don't mean watching it go into your mouth. I cut out a good number of my carbs the first 2 to 3 weeks and I was able to see a huge change and over time I added some carbs adkins like I am sur you are thinking. As for the workout, workout when it is best for you morning noon night as long as you get moving you will be fine. I find doing it first thing in the morning gets me going and gets it out of the way. Last tell people what you are doing you will be shocked by how many will be supportive and that is really important. Good luck!!!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Happy birthday!!!

My tips/what works for me:

When I started running, after about 2 months, the pounds literally started to melt and I skipped sizes. It took 2 months of sticking with it, though

Then, I had to add some weight/reistance training and then my WHOLE metabolism changed and I didn't have to run as much. 3 times a week. 5 times a week doing resistance/pilates/lifting/etc.

I joined sparkpeople.com (free) and journaled my food and calorie intake. I didn't cheat with what I wrote down and it made me change a lot of my habits.

Stick with it. The first 3 months are so hard, but then the results can be seen all of a sudden and they will continue making it all worth while

Indulge every now and again. Complete deprevity will make it too hard to stick with.


JK said...

Happy birthday to you. Growing older means getting wiser too, right?

Fitness & health tips? Hmm... for me, being happy and positive in life keeps one healthy. It's difficult to follow though but I'm trying.

tommie said...

First---happy birthday!

My tip: every time I want a small snack, I drink a glass full of very cold ice water. Helps curb the craving I need.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Fitness tips......
Well, Weight Watchers has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS worked for me. I've been doing it on and off for months, years even, and I really do love it. You can eat what you want it's just all about portion control!
Also, I'm a big believer in minimum exercise! ;) I've found that exercising for at least 20 minutes three times per week, while not ideal, is a great start! My best workouts are ones that involve weights and cardio- not together that can be dangerous. Weight training and weight watchers helped me lose the most amount of weight and quickly and safely!

Amy said...

You are not old! Happy Birthday! I will have to join the ranks, as mine is on the 25th.

I have been doing a loy glycemic (little or no sugar) diet for about 1.5 months and its working. I am down 10 lbs. but still have more to go.

Also strenght trainig is key. I just use dumb-bells!

Best of luck!

painted maypole said...

in addition to regularly working out and eating bed, i added more movement through my day. waiting for the cup of tea in the microwave? march in place. sitting still? bounce my legs or do some arm curls. daughter wants to play? get up and MOVE. by adding extra movement throughout my day I really boosted what I was already doing with exercise and diet, and really saw the difference. (i read that people who fidget burn and extra 100-200 calories a day, so I figured if I fidgeted on purpose I could do AT LEAST that!)

Jennifer said...

happy birthday to you!! happy birthday to you!! happy birthday dear Laskigal, happy birthday to YOU!! :)

I think what has worked best for me in the past was WALKING! I started doing it a lot with a friend and did it EVERY. SINGLE. CHANCE I got. I loved it, found it relaxing and enjoyable. Just leasure walks but for a few miles. I lost about 40 lbs!! I didn't even mean to or try to... that was what made it the best part. I was going through some changes in my life and when I moved in with a friend of mine we started walking ... it was our time to talk and just get away from things for a while. After just a month I had lost 40 lbs!! (or more, not sure, but at least that!) Then once the weight was off, I kept walking to keep it up and also to tone up. It was amazing. I had a totally fit body and it all started just by friends sharing time. I love to walk. I am trying to get back into doing more of it now. Where I live the traffic is horrible and it has been really cold out... but since it has been nice the past few days I have been outside walking around the yard and chasing my three kids around. Playing with them seems to be a little bit of a work out for me for now... I really plan on getting in some heavy duty miles starting soon with walking. I know I can loose weight and get in much better shape and walking is something I really enjoy doing. :)
I also have to start eating smaller amounts of food, but that will take some getting used to.

I am going to go read your other comments to see what everyone else says for their fitness routine. :)

Take care! and again, Happy Birthday!!!
xoxoxox's Jenn

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Since I recently joined Weight Watchers (and it's working), I do have a great tip.

Look up on the internet the nutritional information on what you eat when you're out. The stunning information that a Baja Fresh Grilled Veggie burrito w/o chips has about twice the number of points I should have in one day was a real eye-opener!

Happy Birthday!

Karen MEG said...

Happy Belated! And I don't blame you for being MIA with all this lovely spring weather finally here.

Anyway, my tips, and they weren't really that conscious a decision, until I got on the scale after baby #2 and realized that the regular exercise was paying off ... I was and still am lighter than I was before I started trying to get pregnant with baby #1 (as in about 10 years ago). I feel better too, and am not really that embarassed to don a bikini on the beach (something I never thought I would do after I hit 40).

For me, it's all about a routine of scheduling a visit to the gym 2 - 3 times a week. They have childminding there and I signed my daughter up for a childminding membership - so she's paid for; no excuses! I hit the classes that I love, and now I'm addicted.

I've never been much of a snacker, so we rarely have chips or junk food in the house. When we do snack, it's more like crackers and cheese, fruit, veggies and hummus dip. No pop around. I've also been trying to drink a lot of water ... fills your system.

And reading all the nutritional labels on the food I buy.

Great idea for a giveaway! That's the one negative about motherhood isn't it, the baby flab. But at least there are ways to get rid of it ... not always easy ways, but ways :)

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this? I'm embarassed. Okay. What worked? Carb counting. Keep it under 100 a day. It's lousy, but it work.s

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, count me in (can I enter even if I don't have a blog?!?!

I just write down everything I eat (a pain, but it works). It makes me aware and that stops me from mindless snacking.

I drink lots of no calories fluids. Water with lemon is my favorite. I don't drink soda at all.

Whenever I watch TV I move. Crunches, leg lifts, stretching.

I eat four to five small meals a day. I prepare a lot of things ahead of time--again, lessens the desire to snack on something unhealthy.

Danielle said...

Happy B-Day!

OK here are my tips

Give up all soda- diet and regular

Drink seltzer, water, green tea

LIMIT DAIRY! Milk helps calves grow into cows and helps humans grow into cows too.

Snack on fruits, nuts and veggies

Go Vegan! sorry I couldn't help myself.

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week
Two Peas
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