Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been away for awhile. I have been so ambivalent of time as of late that I didn't even realize months had gone by since I last posted. Months . . . lifetimes, really.

Ear infections, Autism assessments, illnesses, periods of self-reflection, speech therapy, dirty floors, bad hair days, preschool, unshaved legs, occupational therapy . . . life.

They say the mark of a true writer is someone who writes everyday. Anywhere. Anytime. Thank goodness I never made that claim. I love to write. Sometimes. It can be cathartic. Cleansing. Freeing. But sometimes it is like picking at a scab that is not quite yet healed underneath.

Did you hear about the parents who were both diagnosed with cancer within 9 days of one another? I watched their story on the news today. Read the article. Visited the blog.

Then I remembered. This place, it isn't about JUST the writing. It isn't about just the telling of the mundane and not-so-mundane aspects of our lives. This place . . . it is full of people who have provided love, support, and encouragement to virtual strangers. It is a place where we meet, where we wrap ourselves around the stories, where tears fall in silent rooms dimly lit by the glow of a computer screen. It is the place where we make promises to be better, to do better, to go beyond what we know and who we are to do for someone else. Someone, often, we have never, ever met and may never meet.

There are reasons why I stepped away from blogging. From this place. But they are not nearly as important as the reasons I wish to come back. Outside of the dizzying number of well wishes from my blogging friends on a birthday I don't necessarily feel like celebrating, I realized I was missing something. And, I wanted it back.

Read this story if you haven't already. Nathan and Elisa are now part of a family of infinite members. A family that I am forever grateful to know.

See you soon.

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