Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Please Don't Cry

Before I begin . . . Look how cool my blog is!!! Nap Warden dedicated her time and talents to making me look awfully pretty. My blog looks so great that tears are beginning to fall . . . Check her out at NW Designs and get her to jazz up your blog. She's awesome!!!

This all might be a bit random, but since I didn't get a chance to blog much over the weekend, thoughts started adding up. Scary thing to be left with your thoughts . . .

First off. I am a sad, emotional, teary-eyed, sap. I admit it. I cry. A lot. I wasn't much of a crier pre-J, but now. Forget it. I stumbled upon a post about a young boy (a baby really) who recently passed away from cancer. That sent me into orbit. I then ALMOST watched the story about the young mother who left her nine-month-old in the car (it was only 66 degrees, but it doesn't take much). Through tears I struggled to find the remote and turn off the TV. I know what you are saying . . . that it makes sense to cry over horrible situations such as these. But, the tears don't stop there.

I know crying is s'pose to be all refreshing and therapeutic, but I HATE it. What have I cried over? Commercials. Some of 'em aren't even SAD! They might have some sweet music, a cute puppy, a bubbly baby, a harried mom . . . doesn't matter. The tears start flowing. Oh, and those CHEESY Lifetime movies. Many of them are really ridiculous and over the top. But, that doesn't stop the tear brigade from moving right along! Oh, and anything on the Hallmark Channel, Animal Planet (especially Emergency Vets) or Ty and his home makeovers--just pack me up in a tissue box.

Magazine ads make my eyes well up. An adorably sweet image of a mother with her newborn in the countless number of parenting magazines will have me sniffling like a baby. Oh, and don't even get me started when OTHER people cry. My heart breaks and I don't even know what the heck they are crying for! It could be a woman crying on Trading Spaces because someone finally painted her kitchen and gave her new curtains. Doesn't matter . . . I'm tearing up for her. My husband used to get all concerned when I would cry because it was very infrequent. Then, when I started these crying jags he would bring me a tissue or ask if I was OK. Now, he rolls his eyes and leaves the room. Then I cry even harder (just kidding--actually, maybe I do cry harder!)

I AM NOT a sap. I just have leaky eye syndrome. Yup. LES. That's me. I'm currently collecting donations so that we can find a cure. Quickly before another Hallmark commercial comes on.


I have to mention this! Girlymom over at The Red Door is hosting a fun challenge. Are you down in the dumps or stuck in a rut? Do you just need something fun to do? Then you have to head over there and take her 100 Things Challenge. It isn't a lot of work and it is sure to lift your spirits. When can't we all use a little spirit lifting??? I love the idea!


In case any of you haven't heard . . . there are primaries going on. You have to be living under a rock, but wow is it getting interesting. McCain . . . no, Romney. Clinton . . . no, Obama. What a race. Is it wrong to find this all entertaining? I mean, it is politics . . .


Momisodes said...

First- LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!!! Nap Warden hook'd it up hun! Fabulous :)

Second- I totally suffer from LES...just check out my post from earlier this week (when I was crying during The Facts Of Life). I was never this way either before motherhood. What's up with that?

Unknown said...

You are so not alone! Everything makes me cry, hence why I do not watch the news anymore. Nothing. Just the Weather Network on occasion.

Great re-design!

girlymom said...

I love the new page!!! It took me a sec, but I realized all the little "dots" are people~ pretty cool. This is a cute design, glad I am not the only one laptop in hand kids playing on the floor! :)

WOW~ I didn't know there was a name for the tears, LES, hmmm that explains a lot!

Thanks for mentioning my Challenge- the kids and I started a few on the list, but my camera battery died...somehow it stayed open all night... so we will have to wait for it to fully charge and then get back to it. Have a great day!

Burgh Baby said...

Love the new look!

I'm enjoying politics these days, too, but mostly because I LOVE that the media is having so much trouble trying to spin things. They want to declare a winner every single day (even though we're months away). It's nice to see the political process play out without as much media manipulation as we usually have at this point. It's still a race and, so far, the media can't seem to get a grip on it. I hope it stays that way.

Laski said...

Sandy--I think you inspired my post! Thankfully, I spared calling my blog "The Mushy Mama" . . .catchy, though.

Huck . . . I so hear you. I'm stuck on HGTV.

Girly--I'm workin' on the challenge!

Burgh . . . YES! Politics is such my new form of entertainment. Did you hear Edwards and Guiliani are set to drop out? Of course you did--it is everywhere!

Beth is wfg said...

Your page looks great! Nap Warden did a great job!

I don't cry at everything, but some things make me choke up, no matter what. Hearing marching bands, listening to choirs sing, and various other odd things...It's crazy!

Misty said...

I'm crying, too. FROM LAUGHING. Girl, I know your pain ALL too well. I am a crier, too.... and BIG time when it comes to the kids...... I even cried at Halloween seeing them march around in their little costume parade at school. I'm freaking myself out..... and that sad thing is, I have no control AT ALL.

girlymom said...

I have something for ya! :)

Jen said...

Love the new look!

I shift from months when the Sahara Desert is wetter than my tear ducts to months where I'm a blubbering idiot. BUT, in all 12 months, show me an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and I'm welling up with gobs of tears! That show gets me every time.

Texasholly said...

You are preaching to the crying choir. In fact, I think I feel a tear now...must be the amazing new look. It can't be the 6 hour Tom & Jerry marathon that is happening in my living room.

OHmommy said...

Oh, I cry at commercials too. The DIAMOND BEERS commercial makes me cry, of happiness. I can't watch TV anymore, not the same way I did before kids.

LOVE your new design. Very classy!

Amy said...

Love your new look! I admit, every since I've had kids, I'm a sap! I like to think it's just maybe extra estrogen the girls left in there when they moved out. Who knows?

Kellan said...

I love what Nap Warden did with your blog - it is fabulous (I love all the crowds - very cool!) - she did a great job!

I don't like to think of you crying all the time - get your hormones checked - it's hormones. I hope you are okay - really!

Have a good evening - I'm watching AI - no Clinton, Obama, etc... for me tonight - just some crazy Paula and Randy and Simon...

See ya later. Kellan

Amy said...

Your blog design is wonderful. I am inspired to clean up my blog!

I stumbled upon you from girlymom.

Take care.

Pam said...

I love the new look- LOVE it. Is it wrong that I am a little jealous??

LES- oh yeah! Me too!

tommie said...

Love your new look!

I am a crier during THAT time of the month! Then I get all puffy eyed....not a pretty picture.

Aliki2006 said...

I love the new look, too--it's wonderful!

I'm a sap, too--it's not all bad!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

It must be the hormones, it's ALWAYS the hormones! That and the lifetime channel. : )

Laski said...

I'm one BIG hormone ever since J was born. With a new baby, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, sporadic eating schedules, way too many baby toys . . . no wonder I'm a little off!

Thanks for showing the blog love! NW did such a great job. Remember--if you need a blog makeover, she's your gal!

Anonymous said...

You look great and so does your blog! NW did a fantastic job. When I actually go public with my blog, I may have to check her out.

I am a big crier as well. I never used to cry, but now it takes very little. Those pay it forward commercials, I think it is an insurance company, where people watch others perform a good act and then they perform one themselves, always brings tears to my eyes. Gosh, I am a huge sap!

Anonymous said...

OK.. it is so good to know it isn't just me. Before kids I almost never cried. Now... I cry every time there is a big moment.

Case in point? I went to the circus with my family. The elephants came out as the big "ta-da" moment... and my eyes teared up and I almost cried. Same thing last night at the Hannah Montana concert... she bursts out on stage, and the moment is just too much for me. It was everything I could do to stop the waterworks!

Take heart dear, you aren't alone.

Lindsey said...

Honey, you are still hormonal from the pregnancy! Are you still nursing?

I'm still crying too!:)

P.S. Love the new look!

Unknown said...

Hi there, you have an awesome blog! Thanks for coming by to check me out, I love visitors! Come bye any time! LES, huh wow, well maybe it is too late to warn you but every now and then I'll post something that could cause a LES outbreak(check out the youtube video in my It's a wonderful world post, that made me cry!)!

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