Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sorta Sensational Sunday

Movies and Moody Mornings
First, this weekend we watched two movies--yes, two. J was a little ornery, but we finally were able to ship him off to dreamland at around 10. We watched 3:10 to Yuma, which was really good. I'm not one for Western-type flicks, but I enjoyed this one. Christian Bale is GOOD. Period.
After J went to sleep in the co-sleeper, we curled up in bed, sound machine on, portable DVD player ready to go, and watched Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner. It was an unconventional thriller that wasn't all that bad (I had low expectations, I can't lie). All I can say is that I wish Dane Cook would stick with comedy. I just couldn't get into him in this role.

J woke up at 5:30 AM (he had also woken up at midnight and then again at 3. We were so excited to be up that early on a Sunday. It was glorious. I am LYING. We tried everything just to get the little critter to sleep. Rocking, singing, feeding, sucking, swaying, shushing. In the end he was UP--bright eyed, babbling, drooling--and ready to conquer the world.

Thankfully, I had a bit of a reprieve. It was mom's day out! A friend and I headed for lunch and then the movie theater! Yes, another movie. I swear, my ability and availability to watch movies at all comes in spurts--a couple of weeks ago it took me nearly a dozen tries to watch one lousy movie! Anyway, we saw 27 Dresses. Although somewhat formulaic, it was really cute. James Marsden was oh so cute! What wasn't cute, all those dang bridesmaid dresses! A comment uttered by a couple of the brides in the film was "And the great thing is that you can shorten it and wear it again." THIS IS A LIE.

Tangent time . . . I have four bridesmaid's dresses and they are not fit to make curtains out of. Maybe a cute tote, but that is about it! One of them was dark purple velvet with sparkles, and puffy shiny short sleeves. I have another that is a pale pink. Not a big deal except for the fact that the woman doing alterations thought I was a Barbie doll. I had to stuff my bra with damn near anything I could find. We won't even discuss how much my stomach ached after having had to suck it in all night to avoid ripping my back seem any further (yes, it already had a rip--one big inhale or an extra slice of cake and I was a goner). And my sage green dress, nice. Nice for the guy I walked with since it offered front row viewing of my, well, of my assets . The "girls" were in all their glory. He drooled more than Baby J! And trust me, back then I really didn't have much to drool over.

OK, back to the film. It was good . . . go see it.

A few random things . . .
After the movie, my friend, we'll call her A, and I talked about hairstyles--looking for THE hairstyle, why it is so hard to find the perfect hairstylist, why we pay so darned much for a good cut and color. Some of us spend a lifetime not only looking for a great hairstyle, but the perfect shade of lipstick, the most long-lasting mascara, a natural looking foundation . . . it got me to thinking about appearances in general. All a guy has to do is wake up in the morning . . . jealous.

Along the line of appearances . . . There is this Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates a girl that he thinks is attractive, but in darker lighting she is clearly unattractive. I can relate to this girl! I swear I leave the house and my hair and face are OK--suitable for human viewing. But man, I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror at the store or my reflection is a window and WHOA . . .what the heck happened when I left home? Was I caught in the ugly storm and didn't know it? Oh well . . . that's what staying home in your PJs is for :)

Election news! Yeah, you heard it . . .it is a toss up in many ways. Hill or Obama? Who will win? McCain, Huckabee, Romney . . . even Guilaini and Thompson may not yet be out of the race. It also appears that the media is a little less inclined to predict front runners as they once were. Good--this means that WE might all have a say in this madness. Two big primaries are coming up . . . South Carolina's Democratic Primary and the Florida Primaries. Could be a make or break . . . we'll soon see!


Beth is wfg said...

Movies, movies, movies! We don't watch many and it's been a long time since either of us went to a theater for a movie!

Never have had a bridesmaid dress. When I got married, I let my bridesmade pick her dress. I just asked for a certain color. I have no idea what she thought of her dress, though. I'm assuming she liked it since she chose it.

Misty said...

I am still giggling over beautiful gowns you own. I'm jealous.

Kathryn said...

You are hilarious! I love that Seinfeld episode. I can relate to that too. hehe
I have 4 bridesmaid dresses and I really only like one, although I have no idea where I would ever be able to where it again. hmmm

Misty said...

Girl! Not YOUR MORNING, too. Well, here's to NOT CATCHING what our kids have. It IS possible, right??

just jamie said...

Hysterical post today. I don't know where to start...

You should have a Bridesmaid Dress Party and insist everyone wear their "favorite" one.

Manic Mom said...

Ooh, I saw 27 Dresses last night--LOVED it! And yes, hated the 27 dresses though... UGLY!!! Loved James Marsden though... although he was NOT that hot as Prince Edward in Enchanted!!! Maybe it was his purple puffy sleeved prince gear he was wearing in that movie!

LaskiGal said...

I am all about the purple puffy sleeves! Did you see the preview for the movie with Patrick Dempsey--Made of Honor? Looks like another fun one!

Pam said...

Oh girl- I'm with you on the sleepiness....

I love random posts ;)

I can't even remember all the bridesmaid dresses I have...none have been worn more then once - all that money for one time

MamaGeek said...

Wow, I love that Seinfeld episode too. I was wondering how that 27 dresses movie would be...

Lindsey said...

Oh I want to see the 27 dresses!!! I have to find someone to go with me though! Thanks for the movie smack I know what to pick!

tommie said...

I couldn't stop laughing after the "staying at home in pajamas" ...sounds like my kind of day.

Sandy C. said...

You crack me up! I saw that movie commercial and I definitely want to see it...I'm sure I'll have to wait until it's on DVD.

As for the bridesmaid dresses. I didnt even bother keeping mine. I sent them straight to the even less fortunate...Goodwill.

Lindsey said...

I surprised myself and enjoyed Mr. Brooks as well. I do agree that Dane Cook should stick with comedy.

I am so jealous that you had a "girls" day. I could so use one. It is much harder with 2 kiddos and a husband that is working on his doctorate (he's almost half way):)

Oh and I need a new hairtyle too. If you find one, help out a bloggy friend!!!

Colleen said...

I'm thinking of having a party where we all wear our old bridesmaid dresses. Friends of mine in Indy did it for New Years and we weren't able to travel to attend. I don't even care to have a reason...just get together, drink some wine, and wear these dresses. I also thought to wear my wedding gown again...but um, well, I think it might be too traumatic if I can't get the darn thing to zip after having two babies. ;)
Also, I seem to hit the Ugly Storm about half-way to work. I look alright when I leave the house, but during that commute and kid drop-off, my makeup slides down my face, my hair droops, and I'm not sure what happens to my clothes that they suddenly don't fit correctly.

LaskiGal said...

Colleen . . . I think we should have a bridesmaid dress party! Maybe a virtual one??? (And who knows, maybe one day in person!)

It would give us all a reason to drag out those dresses--I think I even have a scary prom or homecoming dress I could throw into the mix.

That could be fun!

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