Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mirror, Mirror . . .

Ever have a case of the uglies? Or, the oldies? Yeah, me too. Me lately. It could be due to my "beauty" routine, if you will, which consists of flying out of bed, squeezing into my running shorts, a sports bra (two of them . . . actually) and tank.

Splash water on face, brush teeth, apply moisturizer, put lame little clippies in my hair (it is too short and too long to bother performing any stylistic machinations).

And my hair really is another topic all together . . . quick side note. Right now my hair looks kinda like this:

No. I'm not kidding. It gets worse. About three weeks ago I got a haircut and highlights. Now, I'm sorta new to the whole highlights thing, so I tend to be really conservative with the color. Well, unfortunately, my stylist got to yapping and left the color in my hair too long. When she was done she said, "Oh, its so cute." Which is code for, "Holy hell, what a hot mess." My hair looked as if there was a dozen skunks making out on the top of my head. Albeit little skunks. Yes, you heard right. A skunk org y right on the top of my head! It was THAT bad.

You know, there was a time long, long, long ago that people said I looked a lot like her:

*This is the picture my students used when our school held a Celebrity Look-a-like contest.

I'm not so sure I saw it, but the fact that others did was awfully flattering. Needless to say, I'm not feeling all that good lookin' lately.

How about helping a gal out? Just like my style intervention, I need another one. This time, in the beauty department. I'm fairly low maintenance in the beauty area, but that is all the more reason I need help. My low maintenance needs some maintenance.

I need to find a new eyelash curler, moisturizer, foundation, eye liner, lip liner, face wash, concealer, lip stick, eye shadow, wrinkle eraser, all of it really. What I do have and use is either old (no, not from the 80s! At least not all of it.), outdated (as in so much so it might come back in style again), ineffective, or just plain ugly (I got some lipstick shades that'll make you cringe). Now, I am NOT a big make-up wearer or all that big into a beauty routine, but sometimes a girl needs to take stock. I need to girl it up . . .

So, give it to me. Tell me your MUST have product. The one you just can't live without. The product you buy your sister and best friend because you swear by it. The one that if the manufacturer were to discontinue it you'd buy every last bit of it up and then stalk it on Ebay. If it is green and toxic free, great. If it is full of toxins and is the furthest thing from green but it'll make me look like a major babe, then I'm OK with it.

Oh, and for all of you out there who are considering telling me that you don't really use anything and that you look the way you do naturally, as nature attended . . . go away. I don't want to hear that 'cause, my dears, this face needs work!

Don't worry about reading all the comments for this post. I'm going to post your responses over the weekend. I'm all about giving back!

Um. Hi. What are you waiting for? I'm not getting any younger! Get over to the comments!!!


The Sports Mama said...

The best thing I've found, if I really want to look amazingly good when I go out somewhere....

Make sure whomever I'm with looks amazingly BAD.

I've been known to sabotage hair. Spill drinks. Make sure that my wonderful friends sit on a ketchup spot.

Ok, ok. So I'm not really that bad. :) But I'm anxious to see what everyone else recommends, too!

Anonymous said...

Oil of Olay Regenerist every morning and night, not a wrinkle in sight.

Zoeyjane said...

Three things:
-MAC eyeshadow called Scene. It's damn versatile.
-A semi pearly white eyeshadow to use in the corners of your eyes, brow bone, and tops of cheekbones. It will open up your face.
-Blue Mascara layered over soft black. It will make you look so awake and any bloodshotness is nullified.

Jules said...

It didn't used to be this. But now, with age (sigh) it is.

Are you ready?

Sunscream - oops, that's what my kids call it - I mean Sunscreen.

Yup. A must-have every morning.

Sass said...

I recommend using Kiehl's supremely gentle eye make up remover. Really works and is really gentle. Does what it says on the tin. After all, you don't want to get baggy wrinkly eyes because you can't remove your lovely new mascara.

Also, a really good concealer is Erase Paste by Benefit. Use it sparingly but it eliminates under eye shadows. I think it's better than the over rated YSL concealer.

Cynthia said...

Two words...Shu Uemura. Best eyelash curler, period. I use it every day:)

Unknown said...

I don't leave the house without eyeliner. Brown eyeliner usually. If I'm going out out I do a black.

Other than that, nothing. My routine is so similar to yours that it isn't even funny...minus the two sports bras!!! :)

Kat said...

I always wear makeup. I don't want to scare anyone. In summer it is less, but still, it's there. I've perfected the makeup routine where it only takes me about 5 minutes. I use foundation, cover up, blush, powder, eye shadow, eye liner and lip stick. Yep. All of it. And it only takes 5 minutes! Again, in summer it is more like, cover up, eye liner and lipstick, but I still wear makeup.
I buy all the cheap stuff. Nothing fancy. I like Maybeline and Neutragena (sp??) best.
But what I MUST have is the Oil of Olay lotions. Especially the eye gel. LOVE IT!!! It works!!!

Kori said...

Burt's Bees Radiance Moisturizer, day AND night face cream. Yes, I would stalk them were they to ever discontinue it. There is also a very, very lovely eye gel that visibly diminishes the crows feet (not that I have them, of course, but just in case), but while it is really great, I wouldn't lurk through e-bay to find it-just the Radiance Stuff. I don't wear makeup much, so am NO help there; when I do, it is Estee Lauder Foundation and whatever poweder is handy, plus a cheap bronzer that doubles as blush. Burts Bees lip gunk, and I am ready. :)

Anonymous said...

My "can't live without" product would be Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 foundation. I never thought I'd love a powder but it's great. I bought the Get Started kit at Sephora for $60 and it includes concealer, finishing powder, & bronzer plus brushes. It's quick and easy to apply and looks natural.

I love Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser (about $7 at Target or Walmart) b/c it's inexpensive and removes ALL my makeup easily with just water (no scrubbing with a wash cloth).

My favorite wrinkle helper is Vitamin C Serum by Pronutrex ($24 on eBay). It firms my skin and it makes my makeup go on smoother.

And lastly, I love Stila Smudge Pot eyeliner ($18 at Sephora). It takes a little getting use to because you use a thin liner brush to apply it, but it's the best liner I've ever found.

Hope you find some products you like. I know I've already seen a few in the comments that I want to try. Great post!

Unknown said...

I've been using Color Me Beautiful powder foundation for a while now. I love it b/c it's only one step and it makes it look like you still used both. I find it at Ulta stores in case you want to check it out...

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

MAC eyeliner, lipstick, and brow color. I think too many people don't pay enough attention to their brows--they're the frame for your eyes.

Loreal Voluminous mascaram(NOT waterproof)

Bobbi Brown bronzer.

Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 15.

Amy said...

So you don't want to hear what I have to say...
I'm with you, I don't really do much to myself for the day. I have 4 kids, there's no time. I don't wear makeup and my hair is often in a ponytail. I have been blessed with my father's awesome Greek skin but I am curious to see the responses you get, because I should probably start taking care of it since I'm not getting any younger either!

Angela DeRossett said...

I love the Talika heated eyelash curler!

Lori said...

Now is not a good time for me to give advice in this department...I am on summer break and have lived in elastic wasted shorts, t-shirts, ponytails, and no make-up! I may be in trouble when school starts! ha!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

hee hee, I had a dream last night that pregnancy was causing me to grow insanely long whiskers on my face. So I have to say my tweezerman tweezers are my best friend. Even though I don't really have whiskers.
My sis is a Mary Kay consultant and I love all their stuff, especially their daily skin care stuff. Which I am all out of. Wahhhh. need to make an order.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm really like my Aveeno moisturizer. It's soy based, and I think it makes my freckles fade some. My current bottle doesn't have SPF, but many do. I highly recommend Aveeno. As for make-up, I really like Voluminous mascara. I think it's by Loreal or Revlon. It's great.

KG said...

I like Clinique's "eye tint." Basically, you smear this shizzle on your eyelid before applying eyeshadow and eyeliner and it will keep it from getting all crusty and gross by the end of the day. Otherwise, if I have eyeshadow on too long, it looks all snarky.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Ok maybe you have heard of it, but I swear by it. It going to sound nasty but it works for puff eyes, etc. It cheap, it magic, put it on at night before bed or sex what every comes first..... "Ta Da" PREPARATION H cream... Yes you will feel and look twenty again, yes I'm sure its toxic, but hey if you ever have hemorrhoids you'll be ready... :)

WordVixen said...

Have you checked ? I don't order from them often since it's a bit pricey for me (but cheaper than most designer cosmetics) and the quality is really high.

But the best part is, they have more to choose from than anywhere else both in style (say- eyeliner: liquid, pencil, cake, dry...), and in color. I mean, seriously. I've never seen so many color choices. You can't help but find a good one.

Also, I forget the brand (Maybelline, maybe?), but they have 4 eyeshadows, and they're all labeled for where they go- lid, crease, brow, corner. I use all 4 in order, and line my eyes with the "corner" shadow instead of liner. A dash of mascara, and it's all good!

Wineplz said...

I have tried a LOT of things over the years and have not been very pleased with most of what I've used. This stuff really works for me and I've been really pleased. In fact, pleased to the point of throwing away the half-used containers of my other products. My hubs nearly crapped himself because he was so shocked that I did that (I am CHEEEEEEEAAAAAAAP!). Not to be a pimp, but I use (and sell) Arbonne's Not So Basic line of face products:
* daily face wash
* mask (I use it every 1 to 2 weeks in the shower while shaving)
* toner (comes in a spray bottle...very easy)
* eye cream (I saw a difference in the fine lines around my eyes after a week or two of use...NO JOKE!)
* day and evening lotion (I mix in a little sunscreen w/it for daytime application)

It seems like a lot, but takes me 5 min tops to go through them all (okay, nearly 10 if I do the mask). If you're interested I can send you some samples to try.
I've been a (not-so-active) consultant for over a year and started with just the face wash and lotion...then added in the mask. When I was recently nearly out of all three, I just got the whole collection and have LOVED IT! Products are very mild...not drying, not greasy. I even got Justin hooked on the men's line.

Unknown said...

I like Neutrogena's Mineral Sheers Mineral Powder Foundation. Just brush it on and you're done. Fingers stay clean, no powder puff that gets nasty, no sponge to find. The brush is connected to the powder and the powder shakes down into the brush.

Can't wait to see all the responses!

Kristen said...

I must have MAC's Lip GLASS. In clear.

Fabulous, stays on forever, and looks so beautiful on lips!

Must have!

And worth every penny of the $15 it costs to buy it. :)

Anonymous said...

i am a big fan of mary kay products. the cleanser and moisturizer is nice. but..a friend of mine just sent me a link to where everything is a dollar. i haven't tried anything yet, but hey for a buck, u can experiment right? good luck!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

You know how those mascara commercials promise to make your lashes look 10 miles long and fabulous, but they never do? Well I've found the one that does. Max Factor Volume Couture and it is fantastic.
I use a dark brown liquid liner, and Neutrogena cream to prevent wrinkles.
Works for me!

tommie said...

I swear by Bobbi Brown makeup. She has a very natural looking approach to makeup. I can't live without her tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. I can throw on some of that with some lip gloss and mascara and call it done!

The easiest way to get a feel for her makeup is to make an appointment with one their counter girls. I did about five years ago.

Go check out her is great.

lattemommy said...

I'd love to offer some pearl of beauty wisdom, but sadly I don't have a clue in this department. Most days I don't wear makeup, even though I know I should. I look like hell warmed over most of the time!

I'll be scouring your comments for beauty pearls to kick-start my sorry ass. Yummy mummy I am not!

Momisodes said...

2 sports bra? Jealous :(
I could slap 2 band-aids on and I'd be good to go.

We have the same get beauty routine (minus the sports bras). But there are 2 beauty products I live by:

1) Neutrogena face lotion with SPF 30 (light tint)

2) MAC Studio fix powder. Trust me. Worth the $20+ dollars. The coverage is amazing, and it's even better if applied right after applying #1.

I wear #1 and #2 everyday with lip balm. If I have time, I'll brush my hair.

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

I'm totally a girly-girl so this post is right up my alley. Though...i do feel like i'm dealing with the uglies right now b/c my hair needs some serious dye (i have a lot of gray for a lot of years...i'm only 30 but have been about 25% gray sicne i was, probably 50%. YIKES!) & i just don't do my hair much & just wear it curly constantly...looks a little undone... :-(

ARBONNE health & beauty products are my new must have. i am loving their makeup and cleansers for face.

BUT if you're wanting to just 'fight the frump' on a daily are my tips:

**wear heals with jeans/slacks. in the summer this isn't quite as relevant b/c of wearing shorts.

**if you are in a huge rush but need to look a little more kept...just throw on quick mascara & lip-gloss. Makes a world of difference.

**get a bronzer and if you're not used to wearing make-up anyway, this will just brighten your face when you're not needing to put on a whole face of make-up.

well, those are my things for now. :-) hope it helps!

Karen said...

You do know how ironic it is asking me for maintenance advice, right?

Mary Kay was discovered a few years back. The stuff works wonders. I religiously use their cleansers and moisturizers and have to say that although I still should not be seen without makeup, it takes me back closer the days that I could. It has helped my complexion immensely as well as putting the brakes on the aging stuff that I wasn't happy about.

Okay, end commercial. And here's another tip - buy it off Ebay. WAAAAAY cheaper. Way.

gina said...


If you apply it right- during the day you can look like you have no makeup on (thus no one can say, ugh she looks rough)so people think WOW she looks good with no makeup.

At night with a little eyeliner and eye shadow- a few coats of mascara can make your eyes look sexy.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm a total shlumpadinka... my cleansing routine typically involves using a baby wipe on my face. (I know, I know.)

But recently I discovered bareMinerals. My neighbor raved about it so much, I finally shlumped on over to the mall to try it out. Love it!

I have sensory processing disorder, so regular make-up feels gross on my skin. This stuff goes on so smooth that I actually don't feel like I'm wearing anything.

It's totally expensive though... almost a heart-attack inducer.

Unknown said...

I'm totally no frills in my old age. VERY no frills. But, plurk or email me - esp if you are moving to the humid place.

THE BEST: dhc's eye off shade. caffeine in a wand you rub to make the circles disappear. LOVE IT.

Aunt Julie said...

Hmmmm...Donny Osmond or Courtney Cox? It's a tossup, that's for sure! I once tried to trim my own bangs. The end result was not a pretty picture!

Anonymous said...

Bare Minerals is great, but you can find less expensive versions at the drug store (Almay has a great one).

Get a good bronzing powder. I'm still looking for the best, but a few sweeps and you'll look all sun-kissed without piling on makeup or sitting in the sun.

LOTS of water. Drinking it, that is. You won't believe the difference in your skin!

Eve Grey said...

I don't have any favourites. I think the best thing for a quick pick-me-up is highlights (all over lightening), teeth whitening, a bit of bronzer, nude lipstick with a pretty pink gloss over and a new outfit. You don't need all that make-up. Just shine as you are!

Burgh Baby said...

I just want you to know that I really am sad that I can't comment on the Swedish Fish post. I would like to once again publicly proclaim my love for them. Guess I'll have to Plurk it instead . . .

I have no beauty routine. I wish I did, but I can't stick with any product for any amount of time because I am lazy.

Beth said...

I use Vasaline for keeping my legs and arms moisterized. It gets rid of dry skin for me.

Another thing.. I love.. eye lash curler!


Have a good break!

Lisa said...

I wish that I was a little more glamorous...but I'm not! I DO have very fair eyelashes & swear by an eyelash curler & eyelash conditioner and THEN mascara. Helps to plump up the lashes!!! I'll be interested to see what others have to say!

CC said...

No advice. Wanted to say that I have a new appreciation for Swedish Fish, but I can't. comment. on. your. recent. post. aargh!

huddtoo said...

Oh crap... I was laughing away loving your post (because it made me laugh) and then you said.. go away if you don't have beauty secrets. ;)

I would literally die if they stopped making Blistex! I can't go anywhere without it or my lips turn into a red chappy itchy mess! I was told in high school by a girl in my class... "you shouldn't use that stuff, you will become addicted to it". Ha, right, what do you know! Damn if she wasn't right! I can't live without it. After I brush, after I eat, before bed, during the summer, during the winter. UGH!

I do use moisturizer every day, year round. I use a cleanser. Um...can I say that's about it. When I'm getting all prettied up to go out (um..RARE!), I will wear eyeliner and eye shadow. I have sensitive eyes and it makes them itch, even with Almay stuff. I hate doing blush and powders, they just don't look even. I am not a lipstick person, it feels horrible and when I take it off, I need copious amounts of Blistex to get my lips back to normal.

Although, I do have to say, I look good with loads of makeup on, who doesn't. I had lots of stuff on for my wedding, and honestly, I looked like a porcelain doll. Very cool.

Ok...I'm going away now...Mrs. No Make up. Hey, natural beauty..what can I say. LOL

MommyTime said...

You need the book "The Skin Type Solution" by Leslie Baumann. (Sorry, ahven't read all the comment here to know if someone already told you this) She does a fabulous job helping you to assess your own skin's tendencies and needs, and then gives product suggestions for your skin type, as well as telling you key ingredients to seek out and to avoid. Best book ever, since what works for one person might be too light, oily, drying, etc., for another. I only know about this book because someone suggested it to me when I wrote my "please help my face" post. It's soooo worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

My flat iron.. by Chi I love it.

I don't wear make up everyday.. OH WAIT.. except for my Mac Lip Glass in Viva Glam.. I forgot about that.. :)

JediMama said...

Well, you know me...If I'm not venturing beyond the playground or grocery store then usually it's just my bare face.

Otherwise I like a tinted moisturizer (the one I use is from Cover Girl) -- although lately I LOVE this stuff from Neutrogena that automatically adjusts to the perfect tone for your skin. I thought for sure it would be a gimmick and my face would end up looking like a makeup version of a dollar store mood ring, but it works (look out! Mom's face is purple today -- she's P****D!) I have sensory issues, too, so I love that it is light and dries to almost nothing with no cakey feel. My sensory issues are also why my hair is always up in a pony or twist -- I can't stand all this hair on my neck or around my face. UGH!

Lip gloss. I'm all about lip gloss. I line my lips first with a neutral lip liner (remember your gripe about lips lines? Liner, baby!). Don't stop there! Feather the lip liner in from the outer edge of your lip inward. Then apply the gloss. PLEASE be sure to use a liner that is at MOST one shade darker than the lip tint. I prefer one that matches, personally. I can't stand it when I see these girls wearing almost BLACK lip liner with a light lipstick. ARGH!

If I'm going to work or going out, I use a touch of eye liner on top and bottom. I line across the entire top, but only about 3/4 across on the bottom -- otherwise I look like Queen Nefertiti. I like to smudge gently so as not to get that "My eyeliner of choice is a Sharpie" look. Pencils ALWAYS run within minutes on me, so I prefer a liquid liner. For a smoky look I use a powdered liner called, appropriately enough, "Bedroom Eyes". If I have to use a pencil, I always use a small makeup brush and lightly apply a similarly shaded powdered eyeshadow over top to help it stay.

Nighttime repair...I LOVE this product line called "Image". It's only available in derm offices, and it's pricey, but it's amazing. I actually could tell that years of sun damage was being reversed. Unfortunately, I haven't used it in six months because I ran out and I just can't bring myself to spend the $$$. You know how frugal I am!

BTW, I'm SO with you on the Swedish Fish.

And for the record, Laskigal DOES look remarkably like Courtney Cox -- especially those blue eyes. She's the type of girl that you want to hate because she has it all -- brains, beauty, bod...but you CAN'T hate her because she's just so incredibly wonderful!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Hi! Get yourself over to and have a ball! Most products are $1 each, so you can afford to try. Their brushes are great, but what I am LOVING is their mineral line. I haven't used Bare Escentuals (except for Well Rested, an under-eye concealer that ROCKS), but did a bit of research before purchasing, and users said it was just as good if not better than BE. Not $1, but $5 or $8. I am loving ALL of it, especially the bronzer. And it does not take long at all - swirl, tap, buff onto face. You don't feel like anything is on your face at all. Add a little blush, eyeliner (I never leave home without it), mascara, neutral lip shine (I LOVE NYC Liquid Lipshine in Au Naturel - $1.99 at CVS, cheaper at Target! Completely soft and non-sticky like other cheap glosses). Not crazy about ELF's lip gloss stuff, kind of sticky. Liked the color, not the feel so much, but for $1, who cares? They always run specials too - I ordered $40 worth of stuff and got a $25 gc to
Not bad, right? Good luck! Just found your blog by way of OHMommy, and will be back. Your little guy is adorable!!!

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