Saturday, July 19, 2008


IOK. I'm MIA. This I know. I have tried to steal a few moments here and there to visit, but I'm swamped. I've been up way past 3 A.M. the better part of the week. Last night, I got all slap happy and played around on Plurk. Bad. Bad. Plurk. All I'm sayin' is what happens in Plurk, stays in Plurk (unless you want to pay me copious amounts of money, maybe I'll spill).

Anyhoo. I'm spent. I'm wiped out. I'm toast. I'm running out of things to say. I have a mess of articles to write, a baby that needs to be played with, a husband that needs attention, and a house that . . .well, forget the house.

When all is back in order, I pick you . . . over the house, anyway.

See y'all soon!!!

Oh, yeah.
SWEDISH FISH by Cadbury Adams is the best candy ever. Yes, I love chocolate. BUT, I adore Swedish Fish. The original Swedish Fish, mind you. Why am I writing this? Seem out of place? Well, I was thinking that maybe if I write about my undying love for SWEDISH FISH, that maybe Cadbury will contact me and shower me with the little red fellas. It's a long shot. But you have to understand my love for SWEDISH FISH in order to understand the lengths to which I will go . . .

Anything happening in your life? Have I missed anything? I'll be back soon, but just in case you have some news (and I know some of you do!), feel free to e-mail me at laskigal AT live DOT com!

*no need to leave a comment . . . just GIVE ME YOUR beauty tip if you haven't already. BTW, Firecracker Mom, I swear I'll get that picture to you. I'm just revving up the hotness.

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